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Johnny Dollar/Lights Out

1AM-2AM   Columbia Workshop/Columbia Workshop
2AM-3AM Studio One
3AM-4AM Family Theater/Broadway Is My Beat
4AM-5AM Abbott and Costello/The Whistler
5AM-6AM Bing Crosby Show/Fred Allen
6AM-7AM Crime Classics/Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator
7AM-8AM Cavalcade of America / The Great Gildersleeve
8AM-9AM Father Knows Best/Fibber McGee and Molly
9AM-10AM Rich Diamond/This is Your FBI
10AM-11AM Bob Hope Show/Let George Do It
11AM-12PM Life With Luigi / Dinah Shore
12PM-1PM NBC University Theater
1PM-2PM Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy/Duffy's Tavern
2PM-3PM My Favorite Husband/Our Miss Brooks
3PM-4PM Burns & Allan/Life of Riley
4PM-5PM Ozzie & Harriet/Wild Bill Hickok
5PM-6PM Good News of 1938
6PM-7PM X Minus One/ Johnny Dollar (2 15 minute daily serials)
7PM-8PM Dragnet/Sherlock Holmes
8PM-9PM Gunsmoke/You Bet Your Life
9PM-10PM Jack Benny/Escape!
10PM-11PM Inner Sanctum/Suspense!
11PM-12AM Lux Radio Theater

All Times are USA Eastern Time

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